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Alcohol Management

Event Pros NW takes pride in the establishment of a highly regarded and effective alcohol management program. Central to this initiative is our comprehensive alcohol awareness training, equipping our employees with essential tools to identify potential issues related to alcohol, deter inappropriate behavior, and ensure that guests intending to consume alcohol are over the age of 21. Our alcohol monitors are all holders of Oregon Liquor Control Server Permits and undergo annual training to stay abreast of changes to state ID cards.

Our dedicated staff plays a crucial role in managing alcohol consumption and point-of-sale service. Responsibilities encompass rigorous ID checking, proactive engagement with guests consuming alcoholic beverages to prevent over-consumption, and assistance in securing alternative transportation for those in need.

Collaborating closely with each venue, our management team tailors a control plan for every alcohol service point, ensuring a seamless and responsible execution. At EPNW, we are committed to fostering a safe and enjoyable environment, where responsible alcohol management contributes significantly to the overall success of your event.

"Outstanding security, alcohol monitoring, designated driver programs, and a great working relationship with the Oregon Liquor Commission resulted in the lowest discipline and incident rate since statistics have been kept." 

Jerry Lauzon 

Director, PR 

MT. Angel Oktoberfest. 

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