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Thank you for choosing Event Pros NW to help your Organization reach your fundraising goals! Please see below for the step-by-step instructions. Do not hesitate to contact our Office with any questions you might have throughout this process.

Step 1: Organization Registration

Please register your group by completing your application here. 

Step 2: Approval of Organization Application

Once a  Manager has approved your Organization, you will receive an email to complete your Organization Leader Application.

Step 3: Organization Leader Application

Your Organization has been approved and you can now register yourself as the Organization Leader (you can change this later if necessary). Please follow the link in the email you received to complete your application. In addition to your application, there will also be a W9, Group Labor Agreement

Step 4: Approval of Organization Leader and Organization Forms

A  Manager needs to approve your application and the additional forms you completed. Once they have done so, you will receive an email with the link to complete your Organization Member Paperwork, covering our Policies and Procedures.

A background check is also run on your Organization at this time.

Step 8: Orientation

Once all Organization Members have completed their mandatory steps, a  Manager will coordinate an Orientation with you and your Organization.

Step 9: Your First Event

Schedule your first event and start making steps towards your fundraising goals!

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