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Rockhouse Partners

As a part of the ETIX family, Rock House Partners offers both free services as part of our ticking relationship, as well as paid services to help you grow your event.
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Included Services:
Digital Strategy & Consulting
  • Event Life Cycle Management

  • Content Marketing

  • Free Consulting/Digital Audit

  • How-To’s & Best Practices

Email & Social Media Marketing
  • Template Design

  • Campaign Creation

  • Segmentation & Automation

  • A/B Testing

Client Websites
  • Quick Setup & Development

  • Etix-Integrated Website Tools

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Analytics

  • Goal Tracking

  • Surveys & Data Analysis

  • Actionable Dashboards

Additional Services For Hire
  • Website Creation

  • Website Hosting

  • Custom Mobile App Creation

  • Advertisement Buys

Customer Data
  • Email addresses

  • Zip Codes

  • Purchase History

  • Checkout Surveys

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