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Parking and Traffic Services 

At Event Pros NW (EPNW), our Parking and Traffic Services team recognizes that we are the initial and concluding touchpoint for every guest attending your event, and we hold this responsibility with immense pride.

We are not just the first to greet; we are also the last to express our gratitude.

Specializing in providing parking and traffic services for live entertainment facilities, fairs, festivals, and various events, EPNW ensures a seamless and positive guest experience. Leveraging structured parking plans and a team of highly trained staff, we navigate the intricacies of traffic flow, optimizing both convenience for attendees and revenue generation for the venue. At EPNW, we understand that the journey to and from your event is an integral part of the overall guest satisfaction, and we are dedicated to making it a smooth and memorable experience for all.

  • Parking Operations Management 

  • Parking Attendants 

  • Parking Cashiers 

  • Accounting and Reconciliation Services 

  • Parking Consulting and Traffic Flow Design 

  • Parking Equipment Rental 

"In 2008 almost every aspect of the Fair was down except parking was up 7%; and we attributed this to EPNW's thoroughness in collecting from patrons and following our rules." 

Harold Phillips 

Douglas County Fair 

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